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Here we have Testimonials from Schools/PRUS/Alternative providers that we work with.

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SMART centre


"The SMART Centre has had a long term working relationship with SILC, throughout which SILC has offered structured construction skills courses to pupils in need of a meaningful educational route. SILC has got a strong pastoral system where close adult support and clear expectations enable success and boost self-esteem. Students are regarded as working colleagues, being empowered to take part in work related decisions and leading on their learning."


Andre Costa

Assistant Head Teacher

SMART Centre

St Nicolas Logo

"For some pupils, the rigors of learning in a classroom is simply self-defeating. SILC offers a supportive and personalised programme of study away from ‘school’ where pupils not only receive a well-rounded education but where their social, emotional and behavioural needs are met to the full.


St Nicholas has over the past few years identified pupils who would benefit from the vocational programme on offer and have always been impressed with the progress they make. The instruction is clear and tailored to pupil need with many achieving not only a vocational qualification but accreditation in other areas such as English and Mathematics.


The staff have always kept us fully informed of our pupils’ progress and have been keen to support the School in ensuring that pupils on the programme behave when they do attend School so that a  healthy tripartite relationship exists between us, our pupils and SILC.


I have been impressed by their endeavours to teach many children considered to be unteachable. They do it with fairness, compassion and understanding. Above all else, they turn out respectful young men who are better prepared for the responsibilities of adult life."



Executive Headteacher St Nicholas and Starhurst Schools

Stars Logo

"SILC is a fantastic place for our pupils to go and learn new practical skills and develop their confidence and self-esteem. The staff are very friendly and professional, always putting in every effort to help support our pupils to achieve! A big thank you from STARS."


"As a Head of Year I have found the pupils attending SILC found it an engaging and enjoyable experience where they learnt practical skills. They felt an obvious pride in their achievements which helped build their confidence and ability to relate to adults. Having some time away from the main school each week helped them to focus when they were hear and develop teacher pupil relationships"




"Melrose School has worked with the SILC team for several years. SILC provides a safe and structured learning environment where pupils learn Construction skills and develop their interpersonal skills. The team work closely with the school reinforcing ethics of punctuality and preparing the students for adulthood. The pupils who attend speak highly of their time at SILC and many have then progressed onto related college courses at NESCOT or Carshalton College"

Mandy Skinner

Head of Melrose

stanley park

"We are a non selective mainstream High school within a borough of mainly selective schools. As a result we have many young people who for one reason or another struggle to cope in a mainstream setting. SILC provides us with a very effective tool that we can use to reward, re-engage and inspire those young people and give them a sense of success and a taste for a positive future. The level of support and monitoring for some of our most vulnerable pupils is reassuring to parents, staff and professionals and safeguarding is paramount.  They have a consistent structure and high expectations on achievement and behaviour and even if this is rejected by the young people initially they never give up. 


SILC has the ability to engage with families where trust in the education system is at an all time low and it enables us all to work together for the same end. Seeing past pupils return time and time again and experiencing their pride through the paths they have taken is amazing. The belief that these young people will succeed and have a brighter future is delivered in abundance and for that we thank you."


“Quality Provider”


Alternative Education Service considers SILC to be a great company, who not only teach young people new skills, but also pay close attention to their personal development. We would always recommend SILC when looking for a placement for students who are serious about learning a trade.

Merton ALT ED

"I found that SILC offer an excellent and unique bespoke service which allows students who find school difficult a productive outlet.  During my students time at SILC I have seen a growth in their self-esteem and communication skills, due to the high standard of pastoral support that SILC staff provide.  The work that they do is well structured and tailored to bringing out the best in students, with quantifiable outcomes.  The staff at SILC work closely with us as the main educational provider and span the gap so students can transition into Post 16 colleges seamlessly.  The feedback from the students is always very positive and they are proud of the work they produce."