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"I have nothing but praise for the work that you did with X last year and the constant stream of communication meant we felt entirely comfortable with the support that he was getting. He learnt some great skills with you in an environment that suited him and allowed him to really grow as a young man. I can only thank you for being such an important part in this young man's life."


Jez Lord

Deputy Headteacher

Sunnydown School

Pastoral Care Feedback

"We would like to extend our thanks to SILC for the high level of pastoral care and support provided to our students, alongside the construction skills they gain.


In particular, we saw the support for X over his time with you, which enabled him to grow significantly in confidence and reduce his anxiety.  The students that have started this year have also found the level of support excellent – developing positive relationships with tutors and staff.


We are very proud as a school of our partnership with SILC and appreciate the detailed feedback we receive each week."


Robert Watkins


Carew Academy

"Having worked for the SEN team since October 2017, I have had a few young people from surrounding schools who have attended SILC Training. All I hear is excellent feedback from the young people themselves and the families of young people who have attended SILC Training.


Chaz always goes above and beyond for the young people he works with and builds an excellent relationship with them. Even when the young people have left SILC and are going on to college, Chaz's support continues and you can really tell how much he really cares for the young people. He has attended college induction days with myself and a family just to provide extra support and advice. I cannot fault SILC Training and I think it is an excellent alternative education provider for young people."


Sunny White


"X has fully engaged in her day placement with SILC.

X can lack in self-esteem and her confidence can be low at times, but all the staff at SILC have made her feel valued and this has had an impact on her engagement at Chappells.


X really does want to do well and prove she can overcome her doubts in herself, and with the support she is receiving at SILC from all the staff this will have a positive impact on her learning abilities.

X responds more to honesty which is being delivered within SILC."


Joanne Beechey

Assistant Senior Teacher

Cressey College - Chappells


"SILC brings out the qualities of the young people who I have referred to them.  They have all responded to the

firm boundaries and straightforward and honest discussions that Chaz and his team provides.  These and the other strong

safeguarding measures allow a young person to explore their strengths and difficulties without feeling isolated. At SILC a young person is

encouraged to be an 'individual' with emotional difficulties and barriers to learning being slowly broken down, brick by brick."


Helen Kay

Virtual School


"SILC provides a high level of pastoral support for all of the pupils that we have referred to participate in their programmes.

Right from the outset, when the pupil is interviewed, it is clear that SILC considers meeting the social, emotional and wellbeing of the pupil is as important as ensuring they make progress with good quality teaching and learning. This aspect of provision is integral in the packages offered to pupils.

The staff, under Chaz Watson’s direction understand the importance of communication both to celebrate achievements and to share concerns.

They have always been keen to ensure they can support the work that we do with the pupil as well."


Beverley Williamson