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Quality Assurance Merton June 2018

SILC Training will remain on the Merton Council approved list of alternative education providers.

Inspection Reports

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Lesson Observation From the Limes College

- The course content is hugely valuable to students giving them the foundation skills they will need in order to thrive at college


- Students are in no doubt about what they need to do – often they are building upon previous work


- It is clear that all students are making progress across the session this is reinforced by instructor feedback


- Students display a positive and professional attitude throughout the session


- The boundaries of acceptable behavior are constantly modeled and rarely need to be enforced


- Students are very supportive of one another


- One student is given the role and responsibilities of instructor. He responds by being modeling high standards for other students. Other students benefit from his support.


- All students are treated fairly and the main teacher makes enough time to give all the guidance they need.


- Students are motivated and take great pride in their work.


- It is clear students enjoy there work and take great satisfaction from its completion. This is without exception.


- The pace of the lesson was professional and purposeful; students get on with their work and they are very clear about break times and the general routine.


- The supporting instructor is hugely effective; he has a good rapport with the students and they respond well to his encouragement and feedback.


- Students have to work collaboratively or independently depending on the task but there is a good balance of both.


- Students have access to all the tools and materials they need – all are well maintained and respected by the students as is the working space in general.



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